Discussing routes for the project, we decided on focusing towards 'Nomadic Living'. A style of living that currently might seem obscure and outlandish, and how we can make it more of a social norm.
Living on the canals can be daunting if moving to a boat for the first time, especially when towpaths aren't lit at night. These ideation sketches show a companion that leads the user to their specified location.
User feedback was generated at a 'Work in Progress Crit'. User's had concerns about the device dropping into the water, how could this be over come?
Acting as a service rather than personal device, the drone sits on the canal until it is summoned by the user. Connection is gained through an app on the smart phone were the user can select 'pick up' and 'drop off' location.
This sketch model is too big, to SolidWorks to finalise to the form.
Hundreds of units float in the canal during the day, at night is when 'Flight' comes to life. The small camera inside the shell records the user and illuminates their path home when called upon through the app. 
Whats Next?
I need to consider how the user interacts with the 'Flight' app. As the device is suitable for any user of the towpath, user's need to be able to specify their chosen location. Integration of a 'Scan' feature could allow the user to access the camera of the 'Flight' drone if they feel interference when inside the boat. 
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