Lucy Watkin
Motivation - Currently loves cooking but finds growing and harvesting organic foods difficult in her small flat. She feels that the tools required may draw in bugs.
Goals - With an understanding of how to cook with fresh produce, Lucy wants to grow her own.
"Living in my small flat is great, but I came from an area that provided a lot of the fresh produce locally"
In response to creating the persona, I sketched this multipurpose indoor tool. When separated into two parts the units become kitchen knifes, then when brought together the user is able to cut and trim any vegetation they may have.
Lucy would use the tool as a method to assist her with efficiency, she now has two utensils which can be used for the same function. Above are images taken during user feedback, points voiced suggested that additional padding should be implemented.
Now that a form was achieved, it was important I stuck to our brands logo and CMF.
As a team we refined the logo to the spade and fork logo on the right, this was to sit on all of our products. Finally, application of our CMF meant the use of cork, stainless steel and PP.
Whats Next?
As this design is fit for manufacture, packaging for the product should be considered whilst following brand guidelines. I want to take the designs further by conducting interviews and cognitive walk throughs to understand how users interact with this final artefact. 
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